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McMinnville Farmers Market

Every Thursday afternoon, May through October, more than 60 local vendors bring seasonal produce, farm-raised meats, fresh blooms and handmade products to sell. Customers also can eat in the food court and enjoy live music while shopping in the open air and charm of downtown McMinnville. Located at First and Cowls.

Hen of the Woods

Grown in Yamhill and sold by Eleventh Hour Productions & Gift Shoppe of Lafayette, the maitake is a rare mushroom for the Northwest and nicknamed “hen-of-the-woods.” Their meaty texture calls for sautés and topping pizzas, says owner Veronica Nufer. $6;

Strip Tease

Tender, flavorful and juicy, Eola Crest Cattle Peppered Smoked Beef Strips are far superior to the mass-produced jerkys in stores. Knowing the beef is locally raised — by Peter and Jennifer DeHaan — makes the savory-sweet snack taste even better. $12 (4 oz.); $20 (8 oz.);

Fruity Spread

Alchemist’s Jam strawberry-rhubarb is one of a dozen or so preserves hand made in small batches by owners Danny Roberts and Jennifer Fisher in McMinnville. The fruit for this classic combo is sourced from Draper Farms. $10;

Chocolate Art

Chocolatier Susan Fehrenbacher Flood launched Suzy’s Chocolates last fall and is creating small-batch, decadent treats doubling as works of art. Try her dark chocolate Pinot Noir or Riesling truffles (shown here) made with wine from Communiqué. $2.50 each;

Pink Pearl Pop

A variety developed in Junction City at Lonesome Whistle Farm, Pink Pearl popcorn is among the snack selections offered by Saint Joseph Acres just outside McMinnville. Pink Pearl pops smaller and with more flavor than your normal store-bought popcorn and is crunchier, too. $10;

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