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Grain Station Brew Works - White Ape IPA

Bierly Brewing

Brewer: JP Bierly

214 N.E. 11th St., McMinnville

Brut IPA

Type: Gluten-free IPA. ABV: 6.5%. Brewer’s notes: This light summer beer is bone-dry and packed with hop aroma. Bierly will release several versions of this Brut IPA over the summer. Pairing: Burgers, fried chicken, melon, spicy dishes.

Rendezvous Double IPA

Type: Gluten-free IPA. ABV: 7.4%. Brewer’s notes: A meeting of the minds, Bierly will be brewing Ben Fowler’s Rendezvous Double IPA, the Brewer’s Choice winner of the 2018 Gluten-Free Homebrew Recipe Contest on Already a customer favorite, Rendezvous will soon make its way into bottles as the summer progresses. Pairing: Cured meats, aged cheeses, burgers, fish and chips.

Sunflower Dream IPL

Type: Gluten-free India Pale Lager. ABV: 6.2%. Brewer’s notes: Paying homage to Bierly’s German roots, this IPL, made with Saaz, Calista and Hallertauer Blanc hops, imagines how a German IPA would taste like. A collaboration with Jason Yerger, Sunflower Dream is crafted with malted millet, buckwheat and sunflower seeds. Pairing: Sausages, soft cheeses.

Grain Station Brew Works

Brewer: Joe D’Aboy

755 N.E. Alpine Ave., McMinnville

White Ape IPA

Type: Summer IPA. ABV: 6.4%. Brewer’s notes: Australian Ella and Vic Secret hops give this IPA a peachy, tropical aroma. The wheat malt creates a smooth, easy-drinking finish with a soft bitterness. Pairing: Grilled fish tacos.


Type: Douglas fir tip Pale Ale. ABV: 6.0%. Brewer’s notes: Pale-brewed with Douglas fir tips freshly harvested from Miller Woods, the beer contains sweet, resinous aromatics, blueberry flavors and a crisp finish with a pleasantly bitter bite. Pairing: Smoked salmon, foraged mushrooms, rhubarb pie.

Brothers' Beer

Type: Trappist-style Single Ale. ABV: 5.6%. Brewer’s notes: Belgian Pils malt, Czech Saaz hops and a Belgian Abbey yeast — fermented hot — combine to produce effervescent, spicy flavors of cracked pepper and chopped lemongrass. This Belgian-style ale drinks bubbly and dry with a sharp, bitter finish. Pairing: Coconut shrimp, pear-walnut salad, teriyaki chicken burger.



Brewer: Ben Acord

4230 N.E. Riverside Dr., McMinnville

Sprutz Kölsch

Type: Gluten-free Kölsch. ABV: 4.8%. Brewer’s notes: This German ale is fermented warm, and then lagered for an extended period of time. Crisp and refreshing with a hint of sweetness to balance. Pairing: Lighter fared dishes with fresh herbs.


Type: Gluten-free Lager. ABV: 4.0%. Brewer’s notes: This take on the classic Mexican beer cocktail is made with lime juice, Mexican hot sauce and Tajin seasoning salt. With its low alcohol, the beer is perfect for hot weather. It’s spicy, fruity, sour and just plain refreshing. Pairing: Mexican food.

Long Brewing

Brewer: Paul Long

29380 N.E. Owls Lane, Newberg

(by appointment only)

Linda’s Lager

Type: European-style light Lager. ABV: 4.0%. Brewer’s notes: Subtle lime citrus and floral aromas with soft hop spice. Champagne-like qualities with refreshing carbonation, clean, crisp and dry with delicately balanced finish with a slightly tart finish. Pairing: Buffalo wings, hot dogs, yakisoba.

Blonde Ale

Type: Blonde Ale. ABV: 5.2%. Brewer’s notes: Clean, soft and complex malt aromas and flavors with a slight hop spiciness and crisp, refreshing finish. Pairing: Tortilla chips with spicy mango salsa.

Golden Valley Brewery

Brewer: Piper Gladwill

980 N.E. Fourth St., McMinnville

McFarland’s Scottish Ale

Type: Scottish Ale. ABV: 4.2%. Brewer’s notes: Golden Valley brews this beer for the local Scottish Fest. Amber in color and lightly malty with an earthiness that makes it delicious. Available June 6. Pairing: Funnel cake, elephant ears.

Red Hills Pilsner

Type: Pilsner. ABV: 5.0%. Brewer’s notes: This Bohemian-style pilsner sports a white billowy head, pale-gold body, and lingering spicy Saaz hop aroma. Pairing: Classic off-the-backyard-grill burgers, chicken, pork ribs.

American Pale Ale

Type: Pale Ale. ABV: 5.5%. Brewer’s notes: Light and tasty, this pale ale tastes not as hoppy as Golden Valley’s IPAs, but it is just as refreshing. Pairing: Pot roast with potatoes and carrots.

Third Street Wheat

Type: Wheat Ale. ABV: 4.5%.

Brewer’s notes: An approachable American-style wheat beer, it is light and hazy with a snappy wheat flavor and floral bouquet. Available June 20. Pairing: Comfort food: pot pies, fried chicken, meatloaf.

Golden Triangle No. 3

Type: Hazy IPA. ABV: 6.5%. Brewer’s notes: Hazy with juicy notes from the hops and a crisp finish that leaves you wanting another pint. Pairing: Spicy Indian food. 

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