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Finding the secrets of the Yamhill Valley

Looking for the best of the Yamhill Valley? Want to uncover the secrets only insiders will know?

Well, read on.

First, of course, you should review and save this 15th annual guide to the Yamhill Valley — a publication that every year features the best of local hospitality services. “Indulge Yamhill Valley” is a trusted source of the rich and diverse array of local cuisine, beverage, lodging, events and activities, and community services.

Second, you could look for a definitive list of the absolute best of the best. On that note, while our staff might have their individual favorites, we would not put that list to paper. That would violate our trust with all the other great service providers in this publication, and besides, it might make those places too crowded for our own comfort!

So, third and finally, here’s the secret: Just ask!

The Yamhill Valley isn’t filled with tourist places; rather, it is filled with great local spots that also are enjoyed by visitors. It is filled with friendly people who will gladly tell you one of those secrets, if you just ask.

Walk into any small local shop, or even just stop someone on the street, and you will get some of the best tips around. We might not broadcast our favorites to the world, but we love passing them along to visitors one-by-one.

Just ask, and you might find the best hamburger, the finest array of white wines, the best view from a winery, the most scenic drive, or the most scrumptuous breakfast, to name just a few. You might get different answers from different people, but chances are, you won’t go wrong with any of them.

So please, check out the many fine services featured in this annual guide, and say that you spotted them in “Indulge Yamhill Valley.” And while searching out the best we have to offer, don’t be afraid to ask.

Want to know a little more about each of our amazing communities? Beginning tomorrow we will feature one and tell you a bit about what makes all Yamhill County towns so special.

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